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Innovation at the core of our organization

At PeriCarbon, we cultivate innovative, sustainable solutions to tackle complex environmental challenges. Our mission as a non-profit organization is to spotlight groundbreaking low-carbon products, services, or processes that have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

To date we have seen 3rd party innovations adopted across a wide range of market sectors. Adoptions have already been made by all levels of Government, including the Canadian Federal Government. Market leaders in oil & gas, hospitality, finance, grocery and textile services have been early adopters of 3rd party validated low-carbon innovations.


As PeriCarbon attracts a greater number of innovators to the Registry we expect to see meaningful carbon reduction opportunities across all market segments including traditionally carbon-intensive industries such as construction, concrete, waste removal and manufacturing.

Our Innovators



Eco-Growth Environmental has developed technologies designed to divert landfill wastes and ultimately convert the wastes to zero-emission thermal energy.


CDF Systems

CDF System’s patented mat  cleaning technology utilizes  integrated water recycling and a unique drying technology. The
technology uses no natural gas and reduces the carbon intensity associated with cleaning floor  matting significantly.


Gravitas Energi

The power of gravity can be harnessed to generate electrical power in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. With the increasing demand for renewable energy, gravity-based power generation systems have emerged as a prominent solution to the pressing challenge of energy production on a global scale.

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