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Members Discounts

We are pleased to offer our members a range of exclusive benefits tailored to their needs. Here is a breakdown of the benefits associated with each membership tier:

Discounts on sustainable-based technologies:

Members across all membership tiers, including Premium, Business, and Individual, receive exclusive discounts on a range of sustainable-based technologies. This enables them to access cutting-edge solutions that contribute to their low-carbon initiatives while enjoying cost savings.

Decarbonization Consulting Services:

Members will also benefit from exclusive decarbonization consulting services provided by leading experts in sustainability, offering personalized guidance and support for their low-carbon initiatives.

Premium Membership:

  • Members and their employees receive a significant 75% discount on Individual memberships, ensuring widespread access to our services.

  • Access to Kart, our AI-powered Marketplace, with over 100,000 deals, enabling our premium members to explore a vast array of offerings.

  • Priority access and special discounts on other services and partnerships related to our mission, ensuring premium members receive the highest level of service.

  • Discounts available for Carbon Credits and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) purchases, facilitating sustainable practices and supporting members in their low-carbon efforts.

Business/Non-Profit Organization Membership:

  • Members and their employees enjoy a generous 50% discount on Individual memberships, providing access to our comprehensive services.

  • Access to Kart, allowing businesses to benefit from the AI-powered Marketplace and explore discounted services and products relevant to their operations.

Individual Membership:

  • Access to Kart AI Platform, empowering individuals with the ability to discover and leverage a wide range of discounts on services and products.

  • Exclusive access to discounts from our partner services and products enables individuals to make sustainable choices while enjoying cost savings.


Our membership tiers cater to the diverse needs of individuals, businesses, and premium members, ensuring appropriate access and discounts. As our organization grows, we will continue to expand our offerings, providing future opportunities and discounts to further support our members.

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