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Celebrating Success: Executive Mat Service Premium Member

We are thrilled to spotlight our premium member Executive Mat Service, a trailblazing company leading the way in sustainable practices. This company stands as a beacon of change in the realm of eco-sustainability and is Canada's only ISO14001 (Environmental) & COR Safety Certified mat rental company.

Starting its journey back in 1996 with a mission to develop a sustainable business based on innovative technology and stellar service, Executive Mat Service has grown into an industry leader. They've succeeded in reducing their carbon footprint, and that of their customers, with their patented technologies, developed and manufactured right here in Canada.


A testament to Executive Mat Service's commitment to sustainability is their CDF system, a revolutionary mat cleaning technology. This ingenious system, which secured them an Emerald Award, harnesses the power of renewable energy sources. Utilizing solar power from rooftop solar arrays and biomass from their Green Thumb Initiative, The CDF system provides thorough sanitation while using a remarkable 95% less water than conventional cleaning systems. This CDF technology uses zero natural gas in the drying process which significantly reduces their carbon footprint. impressive conservation of water resources and energy use sets a new industry standard and underscores the company's dedication to sustainable practices.

Made of 100% natural rubber nitrile rubber, Weather-Stopper series mats are the best-performing mat on the market. Even in inclement weather, they can prevent up to 95% of dirt and moisture on shoes from entering a building.

In addition to in-house sustainability efforts, Executive Mat Service also extends its commitment to the environment through its "Green Thumb Initiative." A notable accomplishment in their journey is the Emerald Award-winning oily-towel-to-clean energy technology that has paved their way to future success.

Executive Mat Service embodies PeriCarbon's core philosophy - driving businesses to adopt environmentally friendly technologies, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to a sustainable future.

We salute Executive Mat Service for their commitment to green technologies and their aim to bring their sustainability message to all of Canada.

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