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PeriCarbon's Membership is dedicated to supporting a global network that connects businesses to sustainable solutions, standards, and resources. Within this network, our focus is on fostering innovation and facilitating the adoption of low-carbon solutions to achieve sustainability for businesses and communities. By becoming a member, businesses and communities gain access to valuable guidance, resources, and support necessary for their transition towards a more sustainable future.

There are several reasons why Individuals and businesses may want to become members of the PeriCarbon Organization. Some of the key benefits of membership include:

Why become a member?


At the core of our organization lies a tireless endeavor of constant adaptation and creativity, designed to fulfill the changing demands of our communities and the broader environmental landscape. This proactive strategy strengthens our conviction that we play a pivotal role in shaping a world where sustainability is not merely a concept, but a tangible everyday experience for everyone.

Membership Benefits

Discounts on Services within the PeriCarbon network

•    Carbon Emissions Accounting & Consulting
•    Carbon Offset Development
•    Carbon Offset Procurement
•    Technology Deployment Accelerator
•    Corporate Education/Training


Platinum Membership Tier is accompanied with ‘Priority Status’ within PeriCarbon, permitting members first access to services and ongoing support from the PeriCarbon team.

Discounts on Technology and Products offered through PeriCarbon

•    Employee membership, giving access to the Kart Marketplace platform to save money on over 100,000 deals.
•    Eco-Growth
•    Executive Mat Service

Platinum members will have additional access to:
•    Gravitas Energi Technology
•    CDF-Systems
•    Discounted pricing for Carbon Credits (PCCs)
•    Discounted pricing for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Sustainable Community Fund

As a member, you would be supporting our Sustainable Community Fund, which assists Indigenous communities throughout North America with secure access to food, improved nutrition, and sustainable agriculture. 10% of all membership fees will be allocated into the manufacturing and distribution of Modular farms provided by Eco-Growth Environmental.


We offer our members valuable opportunities to showcase their technologies, services, and solutions to a diverse range of businesses. This exposure drives the advancement and widespread adoption of innovative low-carbon technologies and solutions and opens doors to potential pilot projects and full-scale deployments on a global scale.


Platinum members will have support from the PeriCarbon team with facilitating collaborations between members.

Brand Recognition

As a member of PeriCarbon, your business would be recognized as a sustainable climate-friendly organization that supports scope 3 and Net-Zero policies and commitments. This can help to enhance your reputation and build trust with customers, investors, and other stakeholders.

•    With permission, showcase the PeriCarbon logo on your website, underscoring your dedication to our shared sustainability goals.


Platinum members will have the opportunity to formulate Carbon-neutral products.

Policy and Advocacy

As part of our commitment to sustainable development and transformative change, we also advocate on behalf of our members at the policy level. This advocacy work involves dialogues with government bodies, regulatory authorities, and industry influencers, aiming to shape policies that further sustainability and create a favorable operating environment for our members.


Platinum members will have priority access to advocating policy.

Marketing Recognition

Members of PeriCarbon benefit from marketing recognition for their innovative sustainable technologies, adaptive business models, and services that support the environment. Included with this membership tier:
•    Newsletter subscription
•    Member Spotlights: highlight member businesses by showcasing their sustainable initiatives and achievements, new product launches, or significant milestones through featured stories in our newsletters, on our website, and across our social media channels.
•    Company Logo Showcase: display member logos on our website, in our marketing materials, and at our events, signifying their commitment to sustainability. This includes logo presentation on our members page and on all newsletter publications.
•    Registry Listing: Include members in a publicly available directory of sustainable businesses, increasing their visibility to potential clients, partners, or investors interested in sustainability.


Platinum members will have exclusive access to these additional marketing tools:
•    Joint Marketing Campaigns: Launch co-branded marketing campaigns that highlight the partnership, sustainable efforts, and shared values between our organization and the member.
•    Professional Annual written article blog post on our website.
•    Company logo display included on the PeriCarbon homepage.


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