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PeriCarbon Members

At PeriCarbon, we cultivate innovative, sustainable solutions to tackle complex environmental challenges. Our mission as a non-profit organization is to spotlight groundbreaking low-carbon products, services, or processes that have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

PeriCarbon celebrates its members by providing a platform dedicated to supporting a global network of businesses committed to sustainable solutions, standards, and resources.


Joining our vibrant community opens the doors to endless opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking with like-minded individuals and organizations. Together, we celebrate the collective efforts and achievements of our members as we work towards a greener, more sustainable world.

Our Members


Eco-Growth Environmental has developed technologies designed to divert landfill wastes and ultimately convert the wastes to zero-emission thermal energy.

CDF Systems

CDF System’s patented mat  cleaning technology utilizes  integrated water recycling and a unique drying technology. Their technology uses no natural gas and reduces the carbon intensity associated with cleaning floor  matting significantly.

Net-Zero Analytics

Net-Zero Analytics provides a variety of consulting services that will help your company quantify and reduce indirect Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. We design and implement environmental strategies to help you minimize costs, optimize values, and implement innovative emissions reduction plans, regardless of where you are in your sustainability journey.

Gravitas Energi

The power of gravity can be harnessed to generate electrical power in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. With the increasing demand for renewable energy, gravity-based power generation systems have emerged as a prominent solution to the pressing challenge of energy production on a global scale.


dTechs enables electric utilities to monitor their entire distribution grid, allowing for the detection, monitoring and preventing of energy losses, whether they are the result of technical loss or non-technical loss.

Raven Development Services Inc

Raven Development Services Inc. is a solutions driven construction service company that utilizes the many years of industry experience of the three company principals to provide efficient, on-time and on budget construction services.

Axis Environmental

At Axis Environmental, our eco-product specialists consult with businesses and help them identify opportunities to improve their environmental, ESG, and sustainability practices.​


This is an industry driven council established to accelerate the collaboration, innovation, and adoption of clean building technologies including energy efficiency and renewable power solutions that will transform the built environment, while developing world class clean tech companies, creating jobs and enabling economic prosperity in a future low carbon era.

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