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PeriCarbon Credits: PCCs Issuance

PeriCarbon primarily issues PeriCarbon Credits (PCCs), also referred to as Verified Emission Reductions (VERs). Each PCC embodies the reduction or removal of one tonne of greenhouse gases, serving as a tangible measure of the positive environmental impact made by these initiatives. These credits are the product of our distinctive projects aimed at minimizing or eliminating greenhouse gas emissions.

PeriCarbon also leads in the implementation of renewable energy technologies, generating a separate set of credits recognized as Renewable Energy Certificates. These certificates promote the use of clean energy and incentivize further growth in the renewable sector.

To ensure authenticity, PCCs undergo stringent verification by Net-Zero Analytics, a third-party verifier. This ensures that emission reductions are real, measurable, and adhere to the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Standards of methodology, fortifying the credibility of our projects and offering a transparent way to offset greenhouse gas emissions.

VERs are intrinsically linked to projects that employ innovative and recognized standards and methodologies advocated by PeriCarbon. These projects span from organic waste diversion to sustainable technologies that curb energy and water consumption, each successfully reducing carbon emissions.


PCCs offer a way for companies, individuals, governments, and organizations to offset their greenhouse gas emissions, symbolize their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, and meet emissions reduction targets. This is especially beneficial for addressing emissions that are challenging to reduce through other avenues.


The PeriCarbon Registry forms the bedrock for the execution of PeriCarbon's standards and initiatives. It promotes the transparent recording of information on certified projects, as well as issued and retired units. Additionally, the registry facilitates the transfer of units to third-party marketplaces. Above all, the PeriCarbon Registry maintains the individuality and integrity of projects and credits by keeping a comprehensive and accurate record within its system.

Registry Information

Project and Credit Summary:

Sustainable Technologies Projects:

Projects: 1

PCC's Issued: 24,938

PCC's Retired: 3,613

Project and Credit Summary:

Organic Waste Management Projects:

Projects: TBD

PCC's Issued: TBD

Coming Soon

Project and Credit Summary:

Renewable Energy Certificates:

Projects: TBD

REC's Issued: TBD

Comin Soon
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