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Gravitas Energi
Deposit Program

"Gravitas Energi is proud to introduce its transformational technology designed to revolutionize the generation of emissions-free electrical energy. Utilizing the innovative "Wheel Weight Transfer" system, our technology captures and converts gravitational force into substantial electrical output without any emissions.


This breakthrough not only promises a sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources but also offers significant advancements in efficiency and reliability. Gravitas Energi's solution is poised to make a substantial impact on global energy markets by providing a clean, scalable, and sustainable energy option.


As we prepare for broader market introduction, Gravitas Energi is committed to leading the charge towards a cleaner, more sustainable future, demonstrating that high-performance energy solutions can indeed be environmentally responsible".

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Gravitas Energi Deposit Program:
Fueling Innovation

Gravitas Energi’s deposit program plays a crucial role in advancing cutting-edge technology. By participating in this program, buyers contribute directly to the development and expansion of innovative energy solutions. Here’s how it works:

Deposit Program Overview

Reserve and Refundable Deposits

  • Buyers interested in Gravitas Energi systems (specifically the Gravitas TA5 and TA150) can reserve their spot by placing a refundable deposit.

  • For the smaller Gravitas TA5 system, the deposit is $250 Canadian.

  • For the larger Gravitas TA150 system, the deposit is $500 Canadian.

  • These deposits secure a place in the Refundable Deposit production queue.

Pre-orders are only eligible for PeriCarbon members (excluding individual memberships).

Commitment Pre-Order + PeriCarbon Membership Package

  • To identify serious buyers who are genuinely interested in adopting this  technology, Gravitas Energi asks for an additional non-refundable deposit. These deposits are placed ahead of Refundable Deposits in the production queue.

  • Both the Gravitas TA5 and TA150 require a $1,500 Canadian non-refundable deposit.

  • This amount will be applied toward the final cost of the system.

PeriCarbon will be offering a Starter Membership free of charge for those who wish to proceed.

Gravitas Systems Market Pricing

1. Gravitas TA5 (Small 5 kW System)

  • Market Price: $20,000 CAD

2. Gravitas TA150 (large 150 kW System)

  • Market Price: $250,000 CAD

Prices serve as a reference point, and actual costs may vary based on market dynamics.

Innovation in Action

  • The funds collected through this program directly contribute to market development and the scaling of Gravitas Energi’s TA technology.

  • Whether it’s powering small applications or meeting the energy demands of larger installations, buyers become active participants in shaping the future of sustainable technology.

Final Steps

  • Once the systems are ready for delivery, buyers receive notification.

  • The non-refundable deposit and refundable deposits are deducted from the total cost, and buyers can complete the remaining payment.

  • Gravitas Energi then schedules delivery based on availability.

Join us in fueling innovation and building a cleaner, more sustainable future with Gravitas Energi!

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